How to Start an Online Tutoring Business

8 Top Amazing Tips for Women to Start an Online Tutoring Business

Online Business for women

There Are countless online businesses where women can start with almost zero investment and by working from home. However, the best business that women can start is online tutoring. That’s because you can work from home, at your schedule and yet earn a lot of money using resources you’ll most likely have already.

Therefore, here’re some tips for women to start online tutoring businesses.

#1. Decide Your Business Model

Actually, four kinds of online tutoring businesses that women can start. 

Three Types of Online Tutoring Businesses

You can choose from any of these three types of online tutoring businesses, depending upon your qualifications and skills. I’ll briefly discuss all these three types of online tutoring business that are suitable for women.

1. Online Tutoring Through e-Learning Portals

A lot of students wish to upgrade their skills at English, Science, Math and other subjects from the American school and high school curriculum. A lot of top e-learning platforms offer such live courses to both American as well as foreign students.

Generally these e-learning portals recruit women that hold a college degree in any subject and some experience at teaching. You can earn anything from $25 per hour or more by signing up as an independent contractor for tutoring with these e-learning portals.

2. Teaching Culinary Skills, Fitness etc

If you can cook superb food, train other women in fitness, grooming, make-up and other skills, it’s possible to launch your own home-based online business. Alternatively, you can sign up as a trainer with any good e-learning portal and provide such tutoring. These courses are also in high demand as women wish to fine-tune their culinary skills and maintain excellent fitness.

You can charge fees on an hourly basis or a fixed rate for the entire course. If you wish to set up your own business, I suggest you invest a little money on creating wonderful websites that can be promoted online to get clients. In fact, there’s a huge demand for such courses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to stay at home.

3. Selling Online Courses through LMS ranks among the top Learning Management Systems or LMS in the world. Regardless whether you’re a qualified teacher, working woman, have some skills which people love or are a mom that knows some tips and tweaks to manage kids, it’s possible to create a course and sell it online.

Such e-learning portals and LMS provide a lot of free resources when you sign up as a tutor. Use these resources to create a fabulous online course and upload on these platforms. You can actually make a big name as a woman and online tutor if you can provide superb courses.

4. Online Tutor for Local School or College

Also due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’re lots of parents who don’t wish to send their children to school until it’s really safe. Therefore, several schools and colleges are now providing online tutoring for such students. This ensures they don’t miss on their studies or lag behind other students.

Contact a local school or college and check if they require an online teacher. Also look for such vacancies and positions online, through various recruitment portals and freelancing websites. Surely, you’ll find quite a few of these jobs online as well as offline if you look around though these mightn’t be necessarily in your vicinity or even the state where you live.

#2. Start Blogging about Your Subject

Most people think that blogging is some sort of a pastime or that it requires special skills. That’s not exactly true. You can start blogging about various topics related to the topics you’ll be teaching online. For example, if you’re teaching English language, you can start blogging about topics such as the importance of English and similar topics.

Opening a blog is fairly easy. You can open a free blog on any blog site or buy domain name and hosting to create a wonderful website of your own. Blogging helps you to create a brand identity about yourself as an excellent online tutor that knows the subject. In fact, a lot of women tutors on various skills run successful blogs. What’s more? It’s also possible to make a lot of money from your blog through Google AdSense, paid posts and affiliate marketing.

1. Keep Your Skills Updated

As an online tutor you also need to update your own knowledge about the subjects and field in which you’ll teach. As you would know, the world around is changing very rapidly. Hence, you need to be abreast with the latest developments in the field of education, learn subjects that’re in high demand, upgrade your own skills with the latest curriculums and use the newest teaching techniques.

This is one of the most important tips for women that wish to start their own online tutoring business. Because you might expect that existing skills are adequate to remain in the online teaching or e-learning market. That’s a myth. Unless your skills are updated and relevant to students nowadays, you might not find any takers for your online tutoring.

2. Create Work Schedule

Every successful businesswoman has a proper work schedule. Therefore, you’ll also have to create one. And adhere to it as well. This includes allotting proper time for your family, personal life, fitness and wellness, studying to keep skills updated and blogging. This might sound like a rather tall order but it isn’t.

An advantage with online tutoring is that you get to select your own schedules in most cases. This means, you’ll be working on flexible hours. All of us have 24 hours in a day. And with proper planning and thought, it’s possible to create a timetable or schedule that helps you enjoy online tutoring and spend quality time with family and friends.

In Conclusion

Online tutoring is a wonderful business for any woman that has excellent teaching skills. This is a very highly respected profession that pays you a lot of money. You’ll not require much investment to launch an online tutoring business. And with a proper schedule, you’ll be able to manage all commitments towards your family and yourself.



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