6 ways to earn money from TikTok (music.ly) latest updated

How to earn money from TikTok (music.ly) latest updated :

#6 ways to earn money from TikTok (music.ly) , no matter if you are a new comer or professional .Tiktok is a fastest growing “video social network” in the world.

More than 150 countries are involved in TikTok, developed by ‘Byte-dance’ and it is available in 33 languages.

Enough introduction of the app, now lets talk about how to earn from it.

#1 Through Advertising

Now a days brands are always wanting to take advantages of growing “Social media platforms” like YouTube , Facebook , Instagram , TikTok and Promote there product or services , paid or Free.

A 50k followers channel can easyly earn $200 to $500 per promotion or per video , and over 1M followers channel can earn more than $4000 per video.

That`s a Huge amount for a student or a housewife or even a full time TikToker.

Another way to earn by advertising is that per view count charge .

per video $0.05 to $0.10 cost , means if a video gets 10k views , that means (10k * 0.05) = $500 per video .

If you are that famous on TikTok , brands will approach you for brand endorsement.

#2 TikTok Beta

In tiktok beta mode, you can turn on monetization on your channel like YouTube. If you don`t know what Monetization is then you can check here

#3 TikTok gift coins

If you run a very good tiktok channel then you know that people can give you gift coins .

Gift coins are the virtual coins that can be purchased by real money and people can give these coins to their favourite tiktokers or fans as a gift, and those gifts can be converted into real money again.

So you need to make your videos very attractive , so that people love your videos and give you coins .

#4 E – Commerce business

Ticktock influences can start there own eCommerce business and promote their product in their own channel, that is free.

Because we all know marketing is very expensive, and how much money is needed for initial product promotion, but here we can save lots of money.

Now a days eCommerce portal is a fastest growing industry in the world, over 100M people have already involved and shop online , so don`t ignore eCommerce platform.

If you are going to start your own business and use TikTok as a free promotional platform because it has 10M + daily views absolutely free .

#5 Affiliate

You can sell other people product to your channel and can take commission. you can do this with amazon and flipcart or any other eCommerce platform.

For affiliate you don`t need any fancy document like Company pan , GST , vat no , tread licence etc . You can directly start affiliating with those company’s without any document. Yes you just need bank ac and other Identity details that is mandatory .

Just go to
https://affiliate-program.amazon.com or https://affiliate.flipkart.com/ or any other eCommerce affiliate site and read the description to get started. It is very simple and 0 investment .

#6 Send Traffic

As tiktok has 10M+ daily visitors , you can utilize those traffic as money making machine .

If you have your own website or YouTube channel or even any product page in Facebook or Instagram then you can send traffic to those channels to make money , if your page is promoting any product or your YouTube channel has turned on monetization.

If you don`t have any channel then you can send traffic to other people pages or channels and take money form them . Selling traffic is a business now a days.

Note : If you are a female then it will be more easier to earn money from it , but if you are a male then it will be little bit difficult to earn , because females are likely to attract more attention than a male , but that does`t mean a male cannot earn . male also can earn but video content must be unique and logical .


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