How to Get work in Freelancing Sites – With No Experience?

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Freelancing is a very sought after career option by today’s generation. If you’re looking for independence in your work life along with flexible hours, freelancing is your field.

By simply using your talents and skills, managing your time and building a professional profile, you can easily start earning some extra cash to support you and help you become a more self-sufficient and independent person. 

It is that simple! It is different from the traditional contracts of employment and is increasingly adopted by today’s youth. Many young people and professionals like students, store owners, professors, teachers, etc are taking up freelancing as a hobby that pays.

But, the changing culture and increasing shift in the work field doesn’t ensure success for newcomers in the market.

How Can I Get freelancing projects in India?

They are always wondering, How can I get freelancing projects in India. The increasing demand for freelance work has also lead to an increase in competition in this field.


So, to be successful in a freelancing career, you need to be focused, goal-oriented, and determined. Self-determination is the key.

Knowing your skills and your worth helps you to decide your niche of work making it easier to build a profile, get projects, complete them with accuracy and earn.

The path of freelancing is not easy, as you have to do everything on your own starting from marketing your skills to payment collection from your clients.

The path is lined up with numerous difficulties and failures but consistency and perseverance can help you in the long run to build a successful career.

How to Get Your First Freelance Job in India?

1. Know your Skills

To Get Freelance Jobs, It is important to know what your talents and skills are. Knowing what you can and cannot do will help you set concrete boundaries.


This will help you to find easy projects suitable to your talents. If you know your talents, you can also avoid committing to a task that you may not be able to complete in the future.

This will help you to spruce up your profile to make it more attractive for future clients. This will ensure increased income and thus, more job satisfaction.

If you are facing trouble in recognizing your talents, it always helps to try a few projects and working out the logistics of the work.

2. Good communication Is the key

To build up your freelancing career, it is very essential to have good communication skills.


If you have the potential to work but you do not possess good communication skill then it will be almost impossible to market your skills. This will come in the way of you finding a suitable project or a client.

3. Choose the right niche to work upon

It is important to choose the correct niche to work on. For example, if you are a good writer, focus on writing jobs and not on something you are not skilled at like editing.


This helps to ensure a level of quality to your work which helps to build up a strong client network.

4.Make a good full portfolio

Your portfolio is the first thing a client checks out before hiring you. Like it is popularly said, ‘The first impression is the last impression’, It is essential to make a good first impression on the client.

Your portfolio should be factual, short, concise, and to the point. It should speak of your skills, your qualifications, previous work experience, and expectations from the job and other qualities like determination, etc.


Keep in mind, while you need to make a portfolio with a goal to impress, it should not sound like you’re bragging.

5. Upload portfolio in the websites.

To get a good freelancing job, uploading your portfolio and profile along with practice projects and internship experiences (if any) is very essential.


This will help you connect with potential clients and will also allow the clients to find and contact you.

6. Social media presence.

Make your social media presence stronger. Through social media platforms, you can connect with many professionals.


You can also connect with someone from your social circle that might help you out in bagging the first project thus, assisting you to enter the market.

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How can you become a Freelancer?

To become a successful freelancer is very easy if you are motivated and dedicated enough! All you need to do is acquaint yourself with the need of the present market and be willing to work and learn.


Combining the need for the market with your skills can help you to land a project. But, landing the project is not the end, it’s the beginning.

It is important to meet deadlines, ensure quality, and most importantly maintain good relations with clients to build a strong client network.

If you’re planning to do it part-time or as a hobby, it is comparatively simpler but if you are leaving your full-time lucrative jobs and stepping in the path of a freelancer full time, it is a bit different ball game.

Having the right mindset is the main requirement. You must be disciplined. There is no fixed system of work so you are required to build your system to maintain your daily work schedule.

A little bit of carelessness in managing your work schedule or handling of the projects will create trouble to be successful as a freelancer.

What skills are required?


Other than the basic skill required for the job, you also need some additional skills that can assist you in getting further in this line of career. These include –

1.Time managing skill


As a freelancer, you need to be able to prioritize your work and manage your time. If you fetch several projects at the same time, you need to be organized and not jumble it up.

2. Perseverance


If you fail at the beginning of your career, or you are unable to make a mark in the field, you’d not get disheartened. You need to be patient, stick to the work, and work on enhancing your skills.

3. Marketing skills


As you have to work for yourself, you must know how to market yourself to the clients. For enhancing your marketing skills you can also join any online courses that give training on sales and marketing.

How can you become a Freelancer with no Experience?

Entering any new field is a time consuming, confusing, and difficult task. Some guidance always required. For every newcomer to the field of freelancing a major question is, ‘How to get by without any prior work experience in the field?’

But don’t worry! Any notion or presumption station that to become a freelancer you need to gather experience first is untrue.

All you need is talent and skills. If you have a potential and you have figured out your skill, you can get a job easily!

There are numerous websites and platforms for freelancers through which you can find your perfect project and get your target clients. One such popularly used platform is Rockerstop.

Rockerstop is one of the leading freelancing websites in India. It is one of the best sites to start your career as a Freelancer.

The websites provide numerous features to fresher that helps in building their confidence as well as build a strong profile.

These include –

  • They encourage every freelancer to apply on this site and get good pay.
  • They provide a safe and secure platform to help find fresher trustworthy clients and avoid fraud.
  • There is a huge number of freelancing jobs available in different areas of work including Data Entry jobs, writing jobs, jobs that require professionals, etc, all at an affordable cost.
  • The services they offer include Home Services, teacher and educational institutes, professional Artists.
  • They do not have a maximum budget to employ a full-time worker therefore, they can hire freelancers at an affordable rate as they will be paid only after the task is completed.

Freelancing is a highly competitive field but, it is also the most flexible one. You can find jobs catering to your unique personality and help you find the job satisfaction you have been missing in your regular jobs.

It also helps to boost your self-esteem and get your freedom back. So, if you are tired of your old routine.

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