5 Top Indian Freelancing Sites for Data Entry – Typing Work!

Top Freelancing Sites:

Freelancing is an attractive career option for those who choose to have more control and independence in their work field. Freelancers can set their work hours.

So, they are completely different from that of the traditional nature of employed workers. In recent years it has been observed that there has been a sharp increase in the number of freelancers, thus, creating an increasing demand for Top Freelancing Sites to Find Your Next Dream Project.

5 Top Freelancing Sites in India:

Top freelancing sites available in India are:

#1. Rockerstop

Rockerstop proves to be the most promising site for including projects for home salon, laundry service, teachers, trainers, etc.

#2. Freelancer

Freelancer, is the oldest in India. Most of the projects offered on this site are of data entry, writing, etc.

#3. Upwork

Upwork is a very popular platform not only in India but worldwide. Here they can find very high-end projects, and one needs to be patient to crack the nuts.

#4. Fiverr

Fiverr is another best-used platform where there is a rating system for the freelancers. Employers give ratings to the employees on this website to complete the projects, which helps in future reference.

#5. Engineer Babu

As the name suggests, it`s basically for engineers, and the jobs include IT, QA, etc.

To start freelancing in India, you should always keep in mind the following tips:

• Always focus on your skills.

• As an individual, always try to find out the possible quality inside you and focus on that particular skill to excel. It will help you in starting a successful freelance career.

• Never set any particular niche to work on.

• As a beginner, you should be open to research and work on any niche. It will help you to gain invaluable experience, expand horizons, and to brush up your skills.

• Start making a portfolio with your area of interest and that will also include your expected charges.

• Built confidence

• Confidence is a mandatory requirement to succeed in the field of freelancing for every person.

• Start connecting with experts from social media like LinkedIn, Facebook.

• As a beginner, it always helps to connect with existing friends from social media accounts to reach out for work and build a base.

• Share your portfolio with target clients.

• You should always find out the kind of work that you are skilled at. Then as such, approach the clients with similar requirements to get better results.

• Make the correct choice of platform to update your work on different websites.

• Keeping these tips on the mind, the next question that pops up in mind is ideal work and ideal client.

• From where the work will come is often heard among the beginners, and to get them in the right direction is where the freelance websites come handy.

• The freelance websites offering freelance works offers different types of works with different payment terms and conditions.

5 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners:

1. Rockerstop

Rockerstop is one of those sites that include projects on software development, sales, and marketing, writing, translation, data entry.

2. Toptal

These websites deal with finance experts, a software developer with top talents in the respective field.

Here all the top talents are being hired by the clients for part-time, full time, or hourly.

3. Evanto Studio

This website is very easy to use, and it is helpful for creative’s, developers, and animators.

4. People Per Hour

This website is easier as it lets you connect with clients from the regional areas and there is a down payment system of payment for the freelancers before starting of the work.

5. Guru

This website has a wide variety of job categories and has a robust dashboard wherein the clients and freelancers can communicate.

It also helps in project management tasks that include payment methods too.

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