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Technological advancement has made it possible to work even from highly remote areas which makes it possible for every single person to work from anywhere in the world.

Earlier freelancing was usually considered as a domain for individuals who cannot join full time jobs or do not want to get into one.

The recent times, however, has undergone a change and made it easier to work as freelancers and also hire them as a permanent solution.  

Freelancing Jobs

Gone are the days when freelancing was not considered as being a reliable choice of career.

Several freelancing jobs have gained high popularity in recent times with large organizations opting for embracing the new mode of working.

This popularity has taken place due to a wide array of advantages that this flexible mode of working offers. 

A StartUp while its launch undergoes mixed feelings, especially as a first time founder. While a few of them are thoroughly excited about the journey, a few are extremely frightened.

At the same time, no one can be blamed either as there is a lot that is on stake. StartUp building needs a lot of agility, perseverance and mental strength.

High growth startups need to know the ways of scaling up while being cost effective at the same time. Human capital is one of the biggest expenses that a StartUp needs to bear.  

Here are a few reasons why you need to hire freelancers for Startups in India:

1. Get economical

One of the most important aspects of a startup is financial sustainability and stability. The ecosystem is a fast paced one which is ever so dynamic. These organizations usually run on a budget with stern deadlines.

One of the primary essentials of outsourcing jobs is to work on a budget. When you wish to save costs to hire freelance client and also get the job done at the earliest. 

2. Innumerable options

While employing a full time employee narrows you down to just one or a few more persons doing the work for you, freelancing options lets you avail a world of options for your work.

After viewing a large number of options, you can finalize and assign the work accordingly. There is no constraint of sticking with one particular freelancer as you can explore your options simultaneously.

3. Get done with high quality work on time

Hiring a full time employee almost seems like a gamble as the founders are not sure of the resource being competent or not in order to add enough value to the objectives of the StartUp.

One single interview does not seem enough to assess the capability of any individuals. On the other hand, with freelancers, you can get your job done in a faster time period

4. Perfect fit for short term projects

The startups usually have short term projects in hand which needs to be completed in a definite period of time. Hence, freelancers for start-ups serve as the perfect fit for fulfilling the criteria of short term project needs.

Employing a full time employee for a short term project needs would not prove to be a cost saving option. 

5. Flexible schedules

Freelancers work from all over the world and hence have schedules that can be adjusted to the time zone of your choice. The employees can be your on-call assistance which is typically available online.

The flexibility of the working hours offers them the convenience to work in flexible hours. It will help you discover tasks in which you only require freelancers for a short term period.

These situations call for the importance of a freelancer who can be of help at any point in time. Hire freelancer developer in order to build your Startups effectively.

6. Freelancer helps to save time

Freelancers are your major helping hand. Venturing entrepreneurs can essentially focus on the primary aspect of the business, such as searching for new clients.

The specific time period must be sorted out to review the business from time to time; however, the specifics can be handled by freelancers who will provide you with a strong reassurance that the business is running well without constant supervision.

With the business scaling up, freelancers are beneficial to ensure that the market demands are met. 

7. Highly experienced and ready to work instantly

The freelance industry has recently skyrocketed in the last few years, which have enabled all freelancers to take out time and specialize the crafts in order to cater to more clients.

The primary capital is the knowledge, skill and the right tools which are continuously improved in order to keep up with their quality and performance. The freelancers further develop skills through proper practice and research. 

Tips for hiring freelancers for StartUps in India: 

Talking about a few years ago, hiring strangers to build a business was out of the question. However, today, things are completely different, and people spend freelancers are seen contributing to the community at large.

There can be mistakes during the hiring procedure, as well. Here are some of the tips that could help you find freelancers for Startups in India:

Perform your Startup Homework 

Irrespective of the introduced complex concept, there are several ways of testing the business hypotheses prior to building the app.

It is essential that you understand what your customer wants in the initial stages in order to help define the things you need to build using higher certainty.

Search for entrepreneurial freelancers

Picture yourself in the place of your freelancers and think if you spend a few weeks making progress and boss asks you to alter a few changes, you can do so.

However, if this goes on even after a few weeks, it starts getting off the hook. This describes the nature of building a StartUp and how most of the freelance programmers feel about making constant changes in the projects.

Even if the freelancers are compensated on an hourly basis, they start feeling resistant after making a few changes. This further contributes to pose delay in the launch while significantly increasing costs.  

Hence, what you require are entrepreneurial freelancers who are entrepreneurs offering freelance services, with varied entrepreneurial projects.

Work with a freelancer who can ask you the right kind of questions while helping you design and launch plans to create a successful venture.

They will also ensure that they build the required features which allow you to test the assumptions quickly, thereby helping you to translate feedback and analyze data into needed features. This will help you towards building a Startups and not an app.


One of the prime focuses that you should concentrate upon is the focus. A freelance employee needs to work on a project while ensuring that each deliverable is in line with the priorities and the time frame.

Without communication, no project can succeed. Hence, you need to look for proper communication power while recruiting freelancers.

You should be able to communicate with them clearly and hire freelance developer while working and get things done. 

Flexible hours

Not always will your time match with the person. If you are hiring freelancers, it can be from anywhere in the world.

Hence, in order to complete your job on time, it is essential to hire people who can do the job for you in any flexible hours of choice.

The job completion is your utmost priority, and hence flexible hours should be one criterion that you should completely bank on while hiring freelancers.

Match your own specific needs with their experience 

While searching for freelancers, you want people with a fully fledged idea and experience that suit your needs.

Hence, it is essential to look for freelance project managers for hire who have worked well on the projects in the past, which are similar to your work.

In this way, their experience will contribute towards building your StartUp Empire. Unless and until your needs and their work experience do not match, there is no way you can succeed in building the StartUp well. 

Compensate well 

Freelancers are here to run a business. Running a StartUp idea which might realize in its true terms a few years later is going to fail to pay bills today. While hiring freelancers, it is essential to turn the relationship into a co-founding one and pay freelancers well.

You can do this by compensating your team fairly so that they feel well compensated while building the StartUp. Furthermore, an agreement of future increment will motivate the freelancers even more. 

Define your project scope well 

At the end of the day, what you need is the ultimate result. Unless and until your project ideas and goals are not well understood by the freelancer, it gets difficult for them to perform the task well.

In order to avoid all kinds of confusion, it is essential to outline the scope of the project well and offer all necessary guidelines. This gets extremely important if you intend to hire a freelance worker, remote employee.

By setting a deadline for completion, you can define the project well and complete it faster.

Top places to hire freelancers in India: 

Freelancers can be hired from a wide array of websites today. There are a few top portals available for you to hire a freelancer. 


A lot of businesses make use of Freelancer.com for hiring freelancers along with varied expert professionals. The portal is the largest freelancing marketplace where you can make use of a skilled freelancer from a multitude of categories.

You need to post a project to hire a freelancer when you will start beginning to receive bids from freelancers. At the same time, you can also browse the listed freelancers and make an offer directly. 


Rockerstop acts as the middleman and connects you with freelancers while helping you to work on a wide array of projects.

Rockerstop makes it extremely simple and a cost effective procedure to hire and pay the professionals. You need to mention about the project along with the skill, and through data science, it will help in finding talent matching your requirements.

Additionally, you can invite top rated prime freelancers for hire to submit bid and review to hire. 


The platform offers freelancers of all nature which includes digital marketing, content, programming, voice recording, and so on.

To hire freelancers to find the website, which is very useful for companies busy to look at hiring expert talent for short-term projects.

The website enables you to browse the wide selection of freelancers who offer services and enable you to place orders using a single click. Any service offered on the platform is known as Gig. 

Apart from the portals, you can also search for freelancers and hire online. Get in touch with them on any social media platform or groups of freelancers.

You can post your requirement on the platform with the pay while interested applicants readily mail you with their essentials. 

Should you hire a freelancer for Startup?

It is a profitable idea for a Startups to hire freelancers to grow a business. When done in a proper manner, the positives of hiring a freelancer will outweigh the negatives while generating more revenue for the company.

It is rather a win win situation for parties at both ends. Not only do you earn profit by earning a reliable freelancer, but the freelancer too bags an eminent project in their bag.

However, careful considerations need to be made during the hiring procedure in order to gain the best outcome.


Freelancers for Startups are undoubtedly one of the best decisions a founder can take. It not only helps in saving your cost but also offers you a world of experience offered by the experienced professionals.

From a large variety of choices available in a multitude of platforms, go forward with choosing the best freelancers that suits your requirements and needs.

Avoid the hassle of employing full time employees; instead, outsource your work to freelancers to build your Startups right from scratch. 


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