Why Is Rockerstop Not Free !

Why Is Rockerstop Not Free & Alternative method To Use It For Free

Rockerstop Provide Only Verified Leads, OTP and Human Verified. We Reject more than 60% Leads Per day, To maintain Relevance and Quality.

Rockerstop was a free program till January 2020. After That it is paid For Service Sellers. Though It is Still free for Service Buyers. Also Rockerstop Released an Alternative way To Use it For Free.

• Why is it Not Free ?

• How To use Rockerstop for Free ?

#1. Reason

Rockerstop was Giving 500 free coins to all new users, But –

  • People started creating Fake profiles for free coins *
  • Clients were Receiving spam & Misleading calls *
  • More than 100 Harassment calls per day *
  • Client’s Phone Number was spreading to Social Sites & groups *
  • People Started Reselling & Misusing Jobs / Leads *
  • Genuine Sellers & Buyers was Not Getting Proper Conversion For these Type of Activities *

Rockerstop wanted to give both buyers and sellers a Good Experience & make The website Clean and Spam Free. So Rockestop Decided to make it not Free.

#2. How To Use Rockerstop for Free ?

Its Refer & Earn System.

  • Login To your Rockerstop Profile * 
  • Click On the Refer and Earn *
  • Follow The Steps & Earn Coins Easily *
  • You can use Those Coins to Contact to Clients *

So It is The Alternative Method Provided From Rockestop, for Those who want Free Jobs / Leads.

For any Further Queries Contact to Rockerstop Customer Care 24*7*365 –Contact Here