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15 Steps To Start Freelancing In [ 2020 ] Guaranteed Success

Nowadays Everybody wants to be a bodybuilderbut nobody wants to go to gym

A Sad Truth Of Youth @how to start freelancing
Let’s Understand how to start freelancing
  • Its sounds funny right? but its a sad truth of youth that everybody wants to be a freelancer but nobody wants to gain proper knowledge of this field. Result – Big Failure.
  • If you are very serious about your freelancing career, want to start Freelancing or already started but not getting proper result then you must read this article till the end.
  • This trend has first started in USA [ California ] from 1998, but it has taken only 10 to 12 years to spread across the globe. Its a Viral trend in the world.
  • But without having Proper Knowledge, risk factor will be high. So here we are explaining everything in depth that whats actually going on. Stay Tuned.

How To start freelancing?

  • To start freelancing, first you have to decide your goal. Choose one niche and just start.
  • Remember, you need to price yourself based on the value you deliver, not based on what your competitors are charging.
  • Build High Quality Portfolio to Impress your Clients, Because first impression is the last impression.
  • Registrar with Freelancing platforms In your country or international sites. my recommendation is to start with a local freelancing site.
  • After registration in Freelancing sites, you will start receiving jobs automatically, it is that simple. But Converting that leads in to a Client is difficult.
  • Good Portfolio with a value for money service can give you better conversion.
  • For the first few years will be hard to find clients, and get timely payment from clients.
  • Though nowadays there are lots of freelancing platforms are giving chance to freshers like Rockerstop But professionals will always have the advantage of experience and regular customer so you need to identify the competition of the field where you want to get in.

40 Best Freelance Jobs That You Can Start For Free

  • Freelancing is a fastest growing trend in the world and it is growing by 200% every year.
  • Nowadays companies are likely to hire freelancers rather than full time employees because it is affordable and reliable and cost effective. If you want to know everything about this industry, Stay Tuned.

What does freelance jobs mean?

  • Working without work pressure, work from home or anywhere in any convenient time for any clients as project basis and or services by the hour rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer is called freelance job.
  • Freelance jobs can give you time flexibility, you can work anytime from anywhere, but don’t get it wrong.
  • Working anytime doesn’t mean time dilation. Project cannot be delayed. Have to deliver with in time.
  • Freelance jobs cannot be delayed, work in stretchable time but have to have a deadline.

What kind of freelance work can I do?

  • Thinking about becoming a freelancer? You’re not alone. Everyday over 2 million people quit their 9 to 5 jobs and become a freelancer. here you will find 40 best Freelance works, that You Can Start For Free.
  • You can start with your own skill, example – you are a Graphic designer. So you can start freelancing as a graphic designer.
  • Later on you can Find a Profitable Niche and onto that.
  • Remember to stay for long time, its need hard work and customer satisfaction. if you constantly get bad reviews from market then it will be difficult to survive.

10 Best Remote Freelance Works, can be done from anywhere

1.   Data Entry 

2.   Copy Typing 

3.   Form Filling

4.   Excel Work From Home

5.   Logo Designing 

6.   Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

7.   Video Editing Service, You-tuber

8.   Content Writing

9.   Blogging 

10. E- Commerce Business

Above 10 freelance works are remote work can be done from anywhere, work from home. Your physical presence is not necessary for these 10 freelance jobs. 

10 best freelance jobs that needs your Physical presence

1. Teaching & Training

2. Stock Photography

3. Gst, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card Agent

4. Wedding Photography

5. Driving For Ola And Uber

6. Personal Fitness Training 

7. Yoga Training

8. Real Estate Sales Consulting or Brokering

9. Catering Boy Servicing

10. Zomato or Swiggy Delivery boy job part time Freelancing

There are lots of Freelancing work can be done by work from home but needs some special skills to get started for those works so here are some of these categories mentioned.

20 best freelancing jobs that need Professional skills 

1 –  Digital marketing, social media marketing

2 –  Python developer

3 –  seo, Content writing

4 –  Chartered Accountant, Financial Analyst, Accounting, Gst registration

5 –  website design, web development 

6 –  graphic design, HTML, Logo designer 

7 –  App developer 

8 –  php, MySQL 

9 –  Film Making

10 – Android App developer, mobile app developer

11 – java developer, Angular.js 

12 – WordPress 

13 – javascript

14 – Adobe Illustrator

15 – 2d animation, 3d animation

16 – Video maker, you-tuber

17 – Business consultant

18 – Code igniter 

19 – iOS Development 

20 – Freelancing jobs, freelancing projects

11 steps to start freelancing in without Investment

       Define Your Goals
       Find a Profitable Niche
       Identify Your Target Clients
       Set Strategic Prices for Your Service/s
       Build a High-Quality Portfolio 
       Register To Freelancing Sites 
       Receive Jobs or Projects 
       Bid Smartly With Portfolio
       Get Selected for The Job
       Deliver the projects 
       Successful Happy Income

Freelance jobs are available in market now

  • Top Google searches for Freelance jobs In India and Worldwide. Go through these chart to find out how much people are willing to start freelancing jobs and the growing trend of youth.
  • Due to some Policy guidelines of google, we are sorry to provide the exact search volume data, but to get rough Idea please go through the chart provided below.
Google searches :
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Do freelancers get paid?

  • The answer is Yes and No. It is actually depends on the client and the freelancing portal where are you working.
  • Some clients don’t pay even after completing projects and you need to keep asking for money. Some freelancing portals are very true and legit that pay if the work gets done.
  • Remember It’s also depends on experience that who is going to pay and who is not.
  • Its very hard to explain that freelancers get paid or not but if you are new in the market keep on your mind that payment is at risk.

Conclusion :

  • Freelancing career is extremely easy while you have the proper knowledge, Idea and goal set for exactly what you are doing and why.
  • You can decide your own worth as a freelancer with experience. You can choose any of the above categories which fits you perfect, remote works or Physical active works.
  • Both are profitable and valuable for market. Freelancing Trend is a never ending trend that will stay forever.

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