7 Best Freelance Websites In India For Beginners & Pros

7 Best Freelance Websites In India


In this 21st century, everyone doesn’t believe in diligent work to gain some extraordinary; instead, we need a lot of ability to work more smartly.

So, with this thinking, many of the business experts have founded these freelancing sites. With the motive of honing their internal talent.

Let’s Explore Best Freelance Websites In India

Freelancing Methods-

Freelancing is the proven method of earning money online, just sitting at home. It is the best platform for various people like housewives, new alumni, experienced experts, etc.

However, these freelancing sites offer a job in almost every category like web design, web development, copywriters, mobile application, visual computerization, etc.

According to the latest report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 15.5 million individuals are self-employed only in the USA. And if you talk about the Freelance Indian economy, it is boosting with more than 15 million professionals.

You will not believe these numbers will likely boom in the future as people like to work independently. However, the main reason for this popularity is flexible working hours, to lead a better life after offering time to family and friends, and for the pay that they deserve.

Freelancing Sites in India

Well, you will be surprised to know that this trend of opting freelancing sites in India is not only booming in India but other parts of the world also.

With this move, coffee shops and various co working spaces are full of freelancers, and office spaces are getting empty. So, whether you are a beginner or experienced and want to earn handsome income.

Then top freelancing sites in India will help you to gain more money. And needless to say, these freelancing sites in India deliver a solid foundation to your freelance career.

The reason for this is there are countless incredible resources at your disposal that will help you get great success in your life without compromising your family.

But before opting for freelance work in India, there are various things you must know so that you will not feel guilty after choosing.

Freelance Work in India

  • Each and every project of freelancing is not one time
  • Think something different while going at international level
  • While doing the writing, it can be rejected as it is the part of this career
  • Find the best community
  • Highlight your skills by work
  • Build a strong portfolio
  • Effective communication is the key

Let’s explore top freelancing websites that are offering opportunities to the young aspirants to gain exposure and earn money

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the prominent Indian freelancer sites that have more than 1.5 million clients all over the world. It is located in Mountain View and San Francisco, California, and its full name is Upwork Global Inc.

This most popular freelancing website in India is offering a range of jobs starting from hourly to fixed projects, and also short-term plans.

Nevertheless, to say, no matter what your expertise is, you will get an end number of jobs related to your field at Upwork. Moreover, Upwork was formed in the year 2014 when two of the freelance websites merged:

Elance and oDesk. However, being the fastest and biggest freelancing network, it offers around 3 million jobs posted on an annual basis.

In addition to that, this portal charges 20% for every gig, but for that, you have to make your profile very authentic and credible.

On top of that, after signing with Upwork, you have the chance to work with world-famous clients like Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc.

This best freelancing site in India is best suited for designers, writers, translators, admin support, engineering, and architecture.

Here you have the chance to get exciting projects depending upon the quality of work, also get a plethora of jobs within no time, can work very efficiently and effectively.

Apart from that, individuals who only work to earn handsome money can be easily satisfied after signing up on this site.

2. Rockerstop

Rockerstop is another prominent and excellent freelancing site in India that offers free access without any commission.

This best freelancing site doesn’t take any commission from their esteemed clients for any of the projects while sign up and to receive jobs.

Rockerstop Freelancing Site

In addition to that, when you find any of the jobs on this site, you can directly call or message that client.

As any other freelancing site doesn’t allow any time of outside interference. So, after sign up on Rockerstop, you have the job in your hands by direct communication via email, message, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

This site works on a pay per click model and charges very less as compared to other websites. It means 10 INR per lead; so you can easily take ten points at just Rs. 100.

People love to Hire Freelancers From Rockerstop, because its free and they don’t have to pay for hiring freelancers. So sign up at rockerstop now to get freelancing job / projects with out any commission and become a Freelancer India

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is another largest platform of freelancing where you have an opportunity to list your service and earn money. Since its inception, this platform has gone through tremendous changes and features for both sellers and buyers.

However, on Fiverr, there is no restriction on the type of service you want to configure. But, whatever you sell, it doesn’t breach the TOS of the Fiverr.

Moreover, whatever service you deliver at Fiverr, it is known as a gig, and its basic price starts from $5. On top of that, you can also deliver additional service to your client by which you can charge extra money.

Furthermore, this freelancing platform is straightforward to navigate. Because of this reason, it is quickly grabbing the attention of the freelancers.

Apart from this, Fiverr also offers a level system to its clients who will cross-specific set numbers in orders and customer satisfaction.

For this, they will be promoted to level 1 and maximum up to level 3 for selling the best products.

In addition to that, Fiverr has also discovered the PRO concept. Under this, the seller who is working with Fiverr for a long time with fantastic service performance metrics, then they will be promoted to PRO seller.

This concept motivates the seller to earn more money. The best part about Fiverr is it only charges 20% in the beginning, and this charge will decrease as you reach high.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer.com is another globe’s biggest top freelancing site in India and crowd sourcing marketplace for the countless number of users and projects.

The best part of this freelancing website is that it also focuses on Indian freelancers and even Indian clients. That’s why it got the second spot in the top freelancing sites, basically in India.

If any of the freelancing websites want to be different from the crowd, then they must deliver abundant work to the clients.

And this quality reasonably matches sites like Freelancer India that offer a plethora of projects which are posted on-site almost on a regular basis.

This above statement shows that even in this line, the competition is very high, so you have to offer your service at an affordable rate.

However, if any of the websites deliver free membership, then they have to put lots of limitations. That’s why to prove themselves as the best; Freelancers always opt for paid membership plans.

The best part about this site is it takes less charge as compared to other websites that are only 10%, or you can say only 250 INR whichever is the highest for every project.

Apart from that, it has mixed advanced features which make it the right place for people who are searching for work from home.

Various other advanced features of this site are straightforward to navigate, and the individual will feel like the best platform for freelancing. Now you might wonder why I should choose Freelancer.com for jobs.

The reason is you will get bids within no time, have the option of live chat, authentic pay for quality work, and delivers 24/7 support.

5. Truelancer

Truelancer, one of the reputed and recognized freelancing websites, is another paid site that has the power to offer a wide range of projects within no time.

This site allows the person to post various projects, also run contests inclusive of logos, mobile app designs, website mock ups, etc.

However, when you post any project on this site, you will get free quotes by which you have the liberty to compare your options.

The best part about this site is that it delivers a 100% money-back guarantee, and once you are satisfied after that, you can release the payment.

Furthermore, they are also providing prime service. In this service, you will get talent sourcing and also dedicated support throughout the way.

Truelancer offers below categories of freelancers: –

  1. Writing, content, and translation
  2. Social media, SEO, and SEM
  3. Data entry and admin
  4. Finance and accounting
  5. Website design and development
  6. Graphic design and multimedia, and much more

Truelancer takes service fees around 8% to 10% depending upon different projects.

6. Top Total

This freelancing network is another platform for elite software engineers and also for digital designers from all over the world.

However, the screening process of this company will weed out all of the other platforms in multiple categories. The best part is once you get accepted, you have the chance to join an exceptional list of experts.

This network offers you the liberty to work either on an hourly basis, weekly basis, part-time, or full time and also, you can set your rates to get rid of bidding war.

In addition to that, Top total also screens its clients and only works with top companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, IDEO, and JP Morgan. So, this news is right for you as you have the chance to work with top clients and companies.

Top total is the world’s largest globally distributed network of top businesses, talent, design, technology who are ready to tackle every possible issue in their work.

So, the companies who are looking for top skills and individuals who want to gain high expertise and money can sign on this platform while sitting at home.

7. Guru

Guru is another popular freelancing website that has the most significant number of clients i.e., over 3 million. This platform is very simple in offering jobs both to employers and freelancers.

However, you can say that it is the simple way to attract number of individuals both men and women who are looking to earn handsome income. This site is very famous among freelancing content writers.

Over the last 20 years, it has been serving people all over the world with full accuracy and credibility. However, jobs that are categorized under world-famous sites are related to digital marketing, administration, legal, designers, etc.

In addition to that, Guru takes around a 4.95-8.95% transaction fee depending upon which type of membership you have taken while joining and also examples of jobs you are opting for.

Moreover, if you won’t go for more than ten bids in a month, then you have to take tier-based paid membership that starts from $8.95 per month to $39.95 per month.

Apart from that, opting for paid membership not only offers you more bids; instead, you have to offer lower commission charges and many more advanced features.

Furthermore, being the hub of freelance professionals who want to seek jobs, it offers various categories of jobs like low paid jobs, fixed jobs, part-time jobs, etc.

Top Freelance Websites

After discussing seven top freelance websites for beginners and pros both, one point that comes to the mind is which one to choose.

Well, if you talk about students and beginners, then they can opt for free freelancing websites as they will get exposure on these sites. After that, they must go for a paid one.

On the other hand, if you talk about pro freelancers, then they can go for paid freelancing sites to get a job according to their expertise.

So, if you are an employee with some organization and want to do freelancing projects in India, then you can sign up on any of the above sites and avail the opportunity to earn while sitting at home. 

Hope you find the relevant result after reading these 7 top freelancing sites in India.  

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