How To Hack YouTube Channel Ethical Hacking Tips

How To Hack YouTube Channel – Ethical Hacking Tips

How to hack a YouTube channel is essentially called how to gain the password. I would take the social engineering trick.

Its Simple To “Hack YouTube channel” is connected with a Gmail Account. Its mean if you manage to hack a gmail account then definitely you got access to the YouTube channel. I think Accepts this method there is no such technique to get directly access to a YouTube channel .

1 – you want to gain there email to their YouTube account. If it’s a larger YouTuber, then you have no chance. If you’re looking for a smaller YouTube channel try and talk to them, comment on their videos, do your research to get their email.

2 – once you’ve obtained their email address, I recommend using a phishing email attack. Maybe you want to spoof an email using some tool and attempt to login to a fake page and gain their credentials that way.

Second PT2, maybe use a social engineering tactic against their media sites. Pose as some individual, give them false information, be creative with your attack.

3 – don’t try brute forcing there password. YouTube/Google is very smart and well aware of this. You’ll be caught, and potentially ruined.

4 – do your research on good tools to use when attempting a social engineering attack. Maybe attempt to social engineer one of the YouTube’s friends and message them if you’ve breached the friend account.

5 – Having Your Victims Email address is make it easier to hack because YouTube channel uses only gmail ac to login , so if you want to hack YouTube channel then you have to first hack there Gmail ac .

If you are not a hacker or coder then you might use some tolls or a software available in market

This is how to Hack A YouTube Channel… NOT RECOMMENDED!!! HIGHLY ILLEGAL.


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  • Ratan kundu

    Nice article , but its illegal, people don’t try this at home …

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