Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Freelancers in India

Tips for Hiring Freelancers

Hiring freelancers on a per-project basis can often compute far more cost-effective than taking over a full-time member of staff. Maybe your working relationship with the freelancers hired are often very different from your in-house hires. In-house teams are basically far more expensive and harder to manage. Freelancers, on the other hand, allow you to be versatile and pay them only for the projects and tasks you require. Freelancers manage their own time and workload, and with their specialized expertise are able to reach the deadlines before given time.

Oftentimes, freelancers feel like outsiders at the workplace. Let their skills and their work impact the corporate and provide them feedback such as you would your full-time employees. Even invite them to company events. If these people are working for you, there’s no point why they should be forced to the side. Don’t just choose the first freelancer that comes even if they have Top-rated qualifications. Freelancers are still working for your company. They’re still going to interact with others. So cultural fit isn’t an element that ought to be placed on the rear burner. It’s always helpful to find a freelancer who fits in with your organizational culture.

Let’s discuss five tips to look for when hiring freelancers in India which help you explore freelancers who accomplish business goals-

1. How long a person is working as a freelancer?

Asking a freelancer about how long he/she is working as a freelancer will help you understand what to expect from the freelancer. An experienced freelancer is probably having more productivity, while freelancers who are beginners are more flexible and budget friendly. Good freelancers have solid experience with many various sorts of businesses. As they continue to work with a variety of clients, they expand their skills and your company will benefit from their knowledge.

2. Ask about their past projects?

One of the best tips for hiring freelancers is to discover the freelancer’s area of expertise, so as to understand what special project you want to hand over from your end. You would also get a good idea of how he/she expounds your project and what principles from past projects are likely to be applied to yours.

3. Ask about their working hours?

A full-time freelancer is more likely to possess the bandwidth to take a position into your project while a part-time freelancer will probably be available only during the evenings or weekends. Make your decision counting on the timeline of your project. Sometimes working hours depend on the requirement of the projects how much working hours per day a project needs to be complete or it is for long or short term.

4. How much do they charge?

Freelancer will charge 10%, 5%, or 3% of the complete amount immediately, supporting your subscription. Most of the beginners start with a free account, and hence are charged 10% of the full amount from Basically, a freelancer is charged an hourly rate for the time that they worked. Either you can ask to estimate the number of hours that a project would take, or they would utilize the time tracking software. This would literally track your computer activity as the freelancer worked on the project. When getting started, this isn’t a good way for freelancers to cost high for themselves. If the client’s scope creeps up or the project takes longer than anticipated, then freelancers are compensated for that additional time.

5. Ask for a project proposal or contract?

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Too often, the client-freelancer relationship drives into inconvenience due to assumptions that have gone bitter. To avoid disagreements and keep a good working relationship, compute mutually agreeable terms through a contract or proposal. This is very true within the case of huge, long-term projects, because it will bring both parties on the ‘same page’.

6. What’s the work structure a freelancer follows for a project?

You could also phrase this question differently and ask what his/her initiative on your project is probably going to be. The answer should offer you an inkling of how well the freelancer has understood the scope of the project, your business objectives and milestones. If you were to pose the question to a contract blogger as an example, you’d get insight into his/her research methodology–the sources they use for reference then on.

7. Ask for samples and references?

At last however good the interview might have gone, your decision will need to take into consideration the exact work done by the freelancer, not just what he/she says has been done. This is easier for a few jobs like designing and content writing, while it’s going to not be as clear in roles where the freelancer had provided strategic direction, for instance as a consultant. In such matters, a reference or feedback from previous clients will help you in making decisions.

I hope now you will be able to get an idea what you should ask a freelancer before hiring. Let me know in the comments what you think about these tips or you have any other tips.



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