How to use Rockerstop as a Freelancer Service in India?

Use Rockerstop as a Freelancer –

Rockerstop is an Indian freelance platform with more than thousands of high-quality Freelancers. It is easy and quick to Post a job and get a quick response for your requirement. Rockerstop offers all varieties of Freelancer with a real genuine profile and are available to be hired on Hiring Freelancers is budget friendly than a full-time employee. Rockerstop is an open source platform, and serves 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

In this blog we will tell how you can use Rockerstop to become a freelancer and earn money online. So, let’s get started –

1. Create Account and Complete your profile:

Create your account at Register as a freelancer. After successful registration complete your profile. Completing your profile doesn’t mean just filling the mandatory fields. You need to place the maximum amount of information as you’ll out there for people to be certain. Every organization wants to understand who you’re before hiring you. It is also very important to fill up as many as skills in your profile so that the business can know which work you can do best. Therefore, the more accurate you’re about your skills the higher the matches you’ll get.

Freelancer Service in India

Other than your skills and qualification details don’t forget to enhance your profile by fixing a portfolio under the ‘documents’ section. Whatever it is like some art, graphic design, research documents or a certificate of any course, training. Uploading those documents might help a business decide that you’re the suitable person for their project.

2. Next step is verifying your Details:

Rockerstop motive is to provide a secure and 100% result guarantee platform for all its freelancers to transact on. To do the verification some information which incorporates your PAN, GSTIN (if you’re eligible for it) and must check your account details. This step is very important, if you haven’t verified your information, you will not be able to apply to the various projects that match your skills but you will not be able to accept any offers that a company might send you.

3. Apply to projects:

Now your profile with each one your information is ready, start applying to projects. Find Projects that match your skills and apply. Rockerstop is a leading Freelancer Service in India, offers real and verified freelance jobs and projects latest updated. Find best match freelance jobs without any investment, search for jobs near you or across nation India, select from 900+ categories.

After applying wait for some time let a client have a look at your profile and review if you’re the right person for this project. Here there is also one vital thing to keep in mind while applying for projects, a freelancer should review the client company details. If the job recruiter may have found out challenges for you to answer to measure your capability then this is an opportunity that a business person has a view into your process, thinking of giving you a chance. So, answer them well and show they will not get another best candidate for this project. Once a client has sent you a suggestion, you’ll then ask the client to discuss the terms of your contract or anything else that you might think is important before you start working together.

4. Start working on your projects:

Once you’ve accepted the offer, you are “Onboard”. This sequence of intercommunication between you and the client leading up to the project start date is known as your “on-boarding” process — the process of bringing a new client “on board” with your business. Make sure you have all contract details, work related details. Every freelance project starts with a starting point of contact. Sometimes it’s you reaching out to the client and the other times the job recruiter is reaching out to you (via email or a contact form on your website). From there, it’s your job to ask the proper questions, find out what the client needs, price the project, collect payment, and begin work. This will avoid any hassle further.

5. Persistently Communicate:

Whenever you’re performing on a project it’s always an honest idea to speak continuously with the client. This not only helps keep the client up so far on the project but also reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings arising. While communicating with the client we might urge you to stay all communication using our online collaboration tools only. In the extreme case of a dispute arising at some point the sole sort of proof which will be accepted are going to be that that has taken place on the platform. So, certainly it’s submitting a file or verifying details about the project, using our platform to keep running everything smoothly.

So now that you know the easiest ways to use your platform “Rockerstop”, move ahead and take projects. Increase your portfolio visibility, increase your experience and increase your income. Give your career as an independent worker a lift on Rockerstop today.


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