Five Traits to look for while hiring freelancers in India

5 Qualities to look when hire freelancers

Freelancing has become a source of economic process round the world and will be a secret ingredient for our economy growth. More than 500 companies and start-ups regularly outsource their highly budget projects to freelance writers, designers, and developers to make sure a top-quality product completed within budget during a short period of time. Several websites today connect quality freelancers to genuine clients. The reason why companies hire a freelancer is they are continuously focused on performing a superb job on time. For freelancers, reliability and fulfilling your expectations are high priorities, and meeting deadlines are great ways to make good working relations and be hired for other projects within the future. Freelancers help in making new ideas for your business and simply put them into practice and also provide a valuable contribution to the business.

If you are also thinking of hiring quality freelancers for your business, keep an eye out for these five traits:

1. Attentive

Most of the freelancers put their best efforts during an interaction with clients. The quality of the freelancer’s profile could be a direction of his/her attitude towards work. The way freelancers communicate, or respond to the details say a lot about his/her seriousness for the work. Disconnected thoughts can indicate a person is careless and inattentive to details.

2. Consistent Work Past

Some freelancers could also be skillful at their work but lack the talents to present their thoughts effectively. Look at their online portfolios, check their ratings, and see what clients they need worked for repeatedly. Talk together with your candidates over the phone, in person, or by Skype and make assessments supporting their work and your interviews. Good communication skills would be an absolute requirement for a marketing or communications project, it’s going to not be that one non-negotiable trait on a technical project. In such cases, rummaging through the freelancer’s portfolio will offer you a thought about his/her suitability for the project at hand. The brands they’ve been related to either as freelancers or on a full-time job, the testimonials they’ve received and therefore the quality of labor they’ve delivered on previous jobs will be the right decision to avoid false claims.

3. Enthusiasm to Learn

Willingness to find out new skills is one among the foremost important qualities’ employers search for when hiring new employees. Being a freelancer in any industry declares a way of freedom upon you – and to some … into the firing line quickly so you will need to be responsive and enthusiastic and willing to adapt to differing cultures and always ready to explore. Try to interact with the freelancer before you bring him on board. Most of the freelancers have their subject matter expertise and are sometimes more qualified than you. Every project is unique and a freelancer who comes with a “I can do” attitude will stand on your requirements and recommendations.

4. Independent Workforce

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Top rated freelancers require minimal hand holding on the job. Freelancers know what is expected from them and work actively to meet deadlines. Also, freelancers work remotely, lowering the office space needed and utilizing their own resources. Freelancers require minimal contribution from the client side. Freelancers are most of the time highly experienced and also very quick to accept the culture of your company and can establish good working relationships which helps to be connected for a long time.

5. Versatility

Top rated freelancers make a brief list before starting any projects and agree on all the terms and conditions, which totally avoids the new demands or unexpected changes in the project completion. Flexible freelancers deliver high-quality work, which they prove that they don’t got to be physically present to supply quality work. Freelancers have their success metrics, not supported the amount of projects engaged but the amount of successful projects. So, freelancers know that if they don’t provide quality work to their clients, their future is going to be in danger. Therefore, freelancers affirm to deliver quality work to clients. It is highly recommended to hire quality freelancers who are able to compete with the new challenges and have willingness to learn.


There are a few risks related with hiring freelancers in India that you should check out before hiring but reviewing freelance profiles will lower the chances of any false claims. From freelancers, you will be able to get quality work on time, it saves costs, meets deadlines, and so many other perks without any burden. Whether you need full-time or part-time, freelancers are available whenever you need them on an urgent basis.

Let us know if your freelancer has any of these traits. Also share your experience with your recent freelancer. We would love to hear from you.


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