How do you find freelancers in India that fits your business domain?

Recommendation to find freelancers online?

Looking forward to hiring a freelancer may be a good decision because freelancers are flexible and fulfill company expectations as their priorities. Freelancers help in making new ideas for your business and put them into practice and also provide a valuable contribution to the business. Many corporations in India do not prefer to hire workers for a short-term project. Today’s technology allows us to rent quality freelancers to job recruiters, wherever they’ll be situated.

Before hiring freelancers in India, you’ve got to decide with a freelancer skill, it’s going to be difficult to understand who you choose and where to start out to find a freelancer. Here, we will help you with a couple of mediums to find quality freelancers:

1. Face to Face Proposal

You could also consider it as word-of-mouth recruitment. Several HR managers aver to the efficacy of this strategy and lots of companies offer employee referral bonuses with good reason. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released a study stating that 80 percent of organisations ranked these programs as the favourite source of high-quality hires. The reason is that folks who work for you’re likely to understand others in your business domain. Since they’re personally known to your contacts, credibility might be high. For an equivalent reason though, there are chances that the advice might be biased.

2. Freelancing Platforms

As you are trying to find freelancers in India, freelancing platforms have a translucent advantage. Many freelancing platforms have several freelancers on board and you can pick and choose from people that want an equivalent work found out as you are doing. Freelance platforms help corporations to hire independent professionals for temporary jobs or particular projects. These platforms offer a marketplace for businesses to search profiles of freelancer workforce based on skills, experience, location, or other criteria. Oppositely, industries can also post a project description and request proposals from freelancers. Companies outsource work on projects that require specialized skills or additional workforce to focus on other business activities. Many freelancing platforms focus on hiring freelancers with some skills, such as writing, designing, or programming, development while others provide marketplaces for professionals with a wide variety of skills. Freelancing platform also allows you to shift through many profiles and actively choose the simplest candidate that is right for your business work and suits your industry type. 

3. Social Media Groups

Man-in-the-middle marketplaces freelancing websites aren’t the only places available to find a remote freelance job. Clients post their remote jobs and projects in places like Facebook Groups, Twitter, Reddit, community sites, forums, and lots of more places. Social Media is the most effective medium for engagement. There are many social media groups which allow postings for consultants and freelancers. These groups often compile people with similar interests. You can seek out professionals with the content strategies, you’ll try posting on groups with marketing professionals, content writers, developers or digital marketers. The aim is to viral your message across to circles instead of restraining yourself to at least one specific area in order that your message goes to urge carried. Maybe after posting several irrelevant responses that are unrelated to your posting you will get.

4. Professional Social Networking Sites

Many sites like LinkedIn have job sections where you’ll consider posting. Apart from LinkedIn, there are several social networking sites to find freelancers. Your perfect candidate could be right there. Check out which freelancing site is most preferred by candidates for your job profile. You can request people to share or retweet. Research proves that posts which actually invite shares get them! The world of social media looks too great to be true. For this reason and lots of more, corporations should take care of the freelancers that they devour from social media. Do a thorough background check of the employee; ask for a legal contract before starting and a recommendation when you’re done with shortlisting any candidate.

Guide to help you choosing right candidate –

1. Make sure your job description is clear. If there are non-negotiables, confirm that you simply mention them.

2. Make sure you ask for samples, portfolios or check previous work and conduct a quick interview. 

3. If you have shortlisted a number of freelancers but are unable to select, go for a different test project. This will help you engage with different freelancers, judge their sort of working and find someone who can accompany your working style and company ethics.

4. After selection of a freelancer make sure to have a formal freelancing contract should include every detail and expectation that both parties hold including but not limited to: pay rates, vacation holiday days, work and delivery expectations, deadlines and a service level agreement. 

I hope these tips help you in finding appropriate freelancers for your business domain.


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